Eurofins Biomnis is Live on NPEx

Eurofins Biomnis has recently joined the National Pathology Exchange (NPEx) global network, enabling NPEx users access to their repertoire of over 3,500 tests.

Eurofins Biomnis offers pathology and diagnostic services across an extensive portfolio of tests and covers diverse disease areas such as cardiology, infectious diseases, reproductive medicine, oncology, nutritional health, and neurology. Their laboratory services not only span routine testing, but also cover specialised esoteric tests and an extensive genetic testing menu of over 3,500 clinical tests and 6,000 genes across all biomedical disciplines.

Eurofins Biomnis offer opportunities to save staff time on multiple referral processes, keep referral budget spending under control, with results returned in a simple, concise format and a means by which to monitor TATs and performance management.

They offer NHS customers: · Accreditation to ISO15189:2012 medical testing standard · The confidence of a lab conducting 30,000 samples/day · The convenience of using the NPEx system for fast and secure results delivery · Fast turnaround times – 90% of samples are reported in 1 working day · Comprehensive results with clinical interpretation provided for esoteric results · A single source supplier which reduces the admin burden of multiple suppliers

One NHS site was able to save 33% on test costs, logistics and staff time by using Eurofins Biomnis via NPEx. Previously, they were sending their referral tests to 46 different sites, necessitating 46 different referral methods, and 46 monthly invoices to coordinate. There was significant disparity in the methods of results being returned, levels of accreditation, and time taken for results to be returned. Using NPEx to connect to Eurofins Biomnis has allowed them to consolidate to just 6 referral laboratories, all of which are ISO15189 accredited.

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