NPEx is live in Ireland

The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital is the first NPEx connection in the Republic of Ireland to ‘go-live’.

We are excited to announce that the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital (MMUH) in Dublin is now live on NPEx. This is an exciting achievement as we expand the network further into Europe and provide more testing opportunities for current users as more laboratories join the network.

Paudy O’Gorman, MMUH’s MedLIS Implementation Lead, said;
“MMUH is delighted to be the first hospital in Ireland to ‘go-live’ with NPEX. This system enables electronic management of orders and results for our 20,000 annual sample referrals; NPEx will revolutionise the way we do our business and deliver benefits to the patients we serve through improved turn-around-times while removing major overheads incurred in the current manual, paper-based system we employ.”

The Mater may be the first Irish laboratory to connect to NPEx, but several other laboratories across the Republic of Ireland are engaged and exploring how the service could work for them.

This deployment was exceptional in many ways. The Mater was able to go live just 28 days after beginning pipe-clean testing. This was testament to the enthusiasm and hard work from all parties. The Mater chose to deploy each discipline incrementally and have successfully deployed to refer Blood Sciences tests and are currently deploying to receive Blood Sciences test referrals. This approach allows sites to reap the benefits of NPEx much sooner in the process, without increasing the total time taken to deploy all disciplines.

The Mater is now the 183rd ‘live’ NPEx connection, providing yet another network opportunity to current users. NPEx has successfully deployed all NHS Scotland and all NHS England laboratories alongside a cohort of PHE laboratories and private laboratories. There are several other projects also in deployment including all NHS Wales laboratories. NPEx now has 95%+ UK market share and we are expanding the NPEx network to add value for users. Connecting to the Mater is a key step on the journey to delivering NPEx to a wider global audience; as we explore new markets, it becomes clearer that global interoperability challenges are commonly shared and can be solved by NPEx.

We would like to congratulate all at the Mater for their work during the deployment process and look forward to working together in the future.