NPEx Scotland User Group 2020

February 2020 Newsletter

After working closely since 2018, National Services Scotland (NSS) and the NPEx joined together on Wednesday 19th February 2020 to conclude the collaborative element of NSS’s National Laboratories Programme. The NPEx Scotland User Group marked the end of an accomplished project which aimed to develop a distributed service model that would contribute towards the sustainability of the NHS in Scotland. NPEx was adopted and deployed across Scotland as a new technology which would contribute to making laboratory testing more efficient, effective, equitable, resilient and affordable alongside improving patient care by enabling the delivery of ‘the right test, in the right place at the right time’.

The project itself has been a success, with NPEx being deployed in labs across Scotland and bringing benefits to users, Scottish health boards and patients. The aim of the day was to take stock of the experiences of users; acknowledge and unpack the challenges faced while deploying and using NPEx; and to discuss ‘what’s next for Scotland?’ as the NSS team handover responsibility to the NPEx. This was a key point of discussion at the User Group; as the nationwide deployment was led by the NSS project team, it was important for the NPEx team to update Scottish users with the support service which is available through NPEx alongside ensuring that we are aiding them to optimise NPEx to its full usage.

All parties present at the Scotland User Group were able to gain something from attending. While the themes of the day were guided by presentations and workshops, the delegates and organisers engaged in insightful open discussions; offered and answered each other’s questions; shared knowledge and experiences; reflected on the project, all while looking towards the future. Conversations covered NPEx’s features, the challenges and enablers experienced across Scotland’s labs, how benefits realisation could be enabled through NPEx and by our users, and how our service is growing to include the wider and future needs of labs across the country.

NSS’s national-level project has succeeded in delivering the aims it set out to achieve with the help of NPEx as a laboratory solution. The NPEx Scotland User Group served as a celebration of the project’s achievement and looked forward to a way the NPEx team can continue to deliver those benefits and more. Both the success of the project and its concluding event were the result of the dedication of the NSS and NPEx teams and the users who have committed their time and feedback along the way. Thank you to all who were involved in the day and we eagerly anticipate the next steps of NPEx in Scotland.