NPEx Volumes Set to Hit 1-Million Digital Requests


The NPEx service continues to expand across the UK with an average of 1-2 new NHS pathology laboratories connecting every month and over 70 NHS Trusts already signed up with most others actively reviewing connection options.

NPEx is expected to hit 1-million test requests annually in March or April next year, which equates to over 80,000 requests being sent through the national digital exchange each month. One major laboratory now receives over 20,000 digital test requests from eight other laboratory connections.

Andy Harris, General Manager at X-Lab states "NPEx is a rapidly growing service as these figures show. It is doubling in size approximately every 18 months. The technology underlying NPEx is very similar to that used in NHS Spine 2 and has been designed with scalability in mind. We are looking forward to supporting very significant growth rates for the longer term." Message rates passing through the exchange have been seen to peak at more than 500 per second and there is capacity for many times this volume as pathology networks start to exploit NPEx as a simple and proven digital platform for regional reconfiguration.