NPEx facilitates London-wide pathology workshop

On Tuesday 7th June, the NPEx team, together with laboratory managers at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, co-hosted a London-wide NPEx workshop with invitations extended to all laboratories in and around London.

The day included well received presentations from:

  • Keith Burrill, Pathology IT and Information Manager at Southampton, who described how NPEx has been implemented for laboratories in Hampshire across Southampton, Swindon and Salisbury.
  • Mark Busby, Pathology Business Services Operations Manager at Imperial, who discussed the IT challenges for Imperial and how collaboration across a network was essential for the future of their pathology service.
  • Sam Bates, NPEx Deployment Coordinator, who outlined progress and challenges encountered during an ongoing pilot for the electronic transmission of cellular pathology across NPEx. UKNEQAS Purchase NPEx NPEx Facilitates Londonwide Pathology Workshop.
  • Andy Harris, X-Lab General Manager, who offered a perspective on upcoming changes to national pathology standards and the planned adoption of LOINC and FHIR.

Mark Busby said “the formation of a Greater London Pathology network to ensure that London-based laboratories can share knowledge and experience with the aim of developing quality Lab-to-Lab referrals built around NPEx.

This will support Imperial’s aims of building an Information Technology led responsive service for our patients. We anticipate that as this network grows and we use NPEx for our Lab-to-Lab referrals we will be able to reduce turnaround times, whilst improving quality through a reduction in the time taken transcribing information.”

Steve Box, Business Development Manager for NPEx, who organised the event said “the workshop was very successful as it opened informative discussions across laboratories about mechanisms for collaboration and how NPEx, as an NHS service, can enable them to build closer working relationships with one another.