NPEx Live in Scotland

At the beginning of May NPEx went Live at two regional Scottish Health Boards - NHS Grampian and NHS Lothian. A total of four regional Health Boards have subscribed to the service, with the intention of utilising the NPEx service to form digital send away networks across Scotland.

The Directorate of Laboratory Medicine at NHS Lothian provides services to primary and secondary care centres, across four sites, within and beyond Lothian. The laboratories performs over 13 million tests per year and employs over 600 staff.

NHS Lothian plans to expand the use of NPEx outside of Scotland to transact requests and reports with laboratories in England too. Carol Thomson, Laboratories IM&T Service Manager at NHS Lothian said: “NPEx will significantly improve the process for send away samples. This should result in a reduction in overall turnaround time and will allow us to track the progress of referred work and reduce the risk associated with transcribing paper based results. Transcription of results is a hugely time consuming task and we expect the implementation of NPEx to significantly reduce the resource required.”

NHS Lothian and NHS Grampian are the first Live NPEx customers outside of England to deliver electronic request and report services.

Chris Dunne, Assistant Director of Informatics at The Health Informatics is delighted that laboratories in Scotland are about to start utilising the NPEx service.

"We are pleased that the NPEx implementation in Lothian and Grampian will be a first in delivering electronic laboratory send away links across Scotland"