Institute of Biomedical Science Congress

Institute of Biomedical Science Congress

The day was comprised of over 275 scientific, professional and vocational presentations across 8 disciplines as well an exhibition with over 140 companies and organisations displaying instrumentation, equipment and professional services.

Robin gave a brief run through of the problems experienced at Manchester Royal Infirmary before NPEx was implemented and how providing NPEx as a solution in the form of an electronic network would be the answer to many of these problems. Robin then moved on to showing how using the NPEx system improved the request form that was sent out with shipments. With the implementation of NPEx, the request form is easier on the eye, cleaner and well formatted. The advantages to both the referring laboratory and receiving laboratory were discussed relatively.

Robin said “The chance to present at the IBMS Congress is one not to be missed, as it represents a great opportunity to share innovative ideas and learn about new ways of working to provide the best care possible for patients. I decided to discuss NPEx as this has made a huge difference to the way laboratories send and receive specimens in the Greater Manchester area, dramatically improving turnaround times and improving overall quality, and felt other laboratories could benefit from our experience.”

As a whole the presentation painted a positive picture to everyone in the audience about the great benefits NPEx can provide to a laboratory and its customers. Robin concluded with the following statement: “Why has NPEx not been implemented more widely across the UK?” It’s clear to say that with the massive reductions in turnaround time, errors and cost that surely this question should not be being asked!

Presentation slides can be found here: IBMS Congress 2015 Immunology Presentation