NPEx Software Engagement Session

Npex Software Engagement Session

E-health Systems developer X-Lab Ltd ran a positive engagement session about the NPEx software with their Greater Manchester customer base in April.

The workshop, held at the Trafford General Hospital on 23rd April, aimed to showcase the advances made in the National Pathology Exchange (NPEx) technology, the website developments to improve user interfaces and the increase in subscribers since the 2014 national User Group.

NPEx connects NHS pathology laboratories to a national network, enabling them to send and receive test requests and results electronically. There are, at present, 45 NHS Pathology labs subscribed, but there has been interest in using the system for microbiology as well.

With Manchester hospitals being the system’s most long-standing users, having subscribed to NPEx since the technology was first available eight years ago, the aim of the session was to agree the national User Group agenda for the July meeting and to begin to define the developmental map for the system’s technology.

The NPEx website is undergoing essential developments to improve the experience for users. There has also been work completed that has made the entire system more scalable to ensure that more exchanges can be ongoing at any given time, and X-Lab’s technical director, Tarun Mistry, spoke about this new architecture and gave a feature update.

There was also a speech given about how the NPEx team are managing to gain new customers and keep old ones and how this can benefit current clients in terms of communication given by Chris Dunne, Assistant Director of Informatics, THIS and Steve Box, the Business Development Manager at X-Lab.