NPEx Roadshow "round up" in Keele Benchmarking News

NPEx Roadshow 'round up' in keele benchmarking news

Keele Benchmarking News has been a popular read in laboratories around the UK for many years. Produced by the Keele Benchmarking Service it provides some great insights into the service delivery elements of pathology labs in the UK. X-Lab have had a long association with the Keele team and provided some of the original benchmarking technologies that were used in the early days of the service. We invited Dave Holland to the London NPEx and NLMC roadshow event. Dave had a great time at the event and met many of our key collaborators as well as London laboratory services keen to join NPEx.

A review of the roadshow event has been published in the April edition. Dave concludes "it is clear that technology is becoming even more critical in terms of pathology service delivery. There are a whole range of technologies available across the entire service, and it is important that laboratories explore as many of the various options as possible to gain an understanding of where there is value to be gained, and to invest their limited resources wisely on technology that will provide the most significant benefits to their service. The roadshow was a good learning tool which demonstrated the power of some hugely important new technologies in pathology."

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