"The NPEx system is really fundamental in allowing us to bring pathology from a very fragmented service to a more standardised service – based on standards devised by NHS England – and that has got to be the right way to go from a safety and cost-efficiency point of view. I think it is a fantastic system."

Christopher Johnson,

National Pathology Lead at NHS England

NPEx is estimated to replace...




days for patient results

years of effort

pieces of paper

Connecting Pathology

NPEx, the National Pathology Exchange, is the nationwide solution for the challenge of connecting the UK’s pathology laboratories. The system was designed so that every British laboratory can send and receive lab tests and results to every other laboratory in the UK and is now being deployed on an international level. This makes it unlike any other lab to lab system in the world due to its scale and success; there are around 160 hospitals in the UK and over 70% of these are connected to, or in the process of being connected to, NPEx.