Work With Us

At X-Lab, our team are our most important asset and the success of our solutions arises from the passion, determination and skill-sharing of our diverse staff. Comprised of enthusiastic, self-motivated and organised individuals, our team constantly rise to the challenge of envisioning, developing and delivering our innovative outputs. Through the incredible power of our people, we aim to provide others with the digital healthcare solutions they need and deserve.

  • Regardless of what position you are applying for, our team is made up of keen problem-solvers who are willing to learn new skills and push their limits.

  • Communication is key between individuals and areas of the company to ensure that our solutions are progressing to their highest potential, our customers are looked after and that our team are happy.

  • At X-Lab we cultivate a strong sense of teamwork and, in return, we want members of the X-Lab team to hold a strong sense of accountability to their colleagues, customers and the company.

  • X-Lab has a relaxed office environment and productive atmosphere. From table-football tournaments to regular socials, we offer a stress-free setting for making our important work a reality.

  • Our work is not just confined to the office. We offer flexible and remote working for staff so they can thrive and deliver while at home or while travelling.

Skill Sharing


Unfortunately, there are no current vacancies at X-Lab.