Who We Are

X-Lab are based in Leeds and transform healthcare on a global level by developing efficient and scalable digital solutions. Formed in 2006 by staff and students from the University of Leeds, the company quickly built a national reputation for successfully delivering ground-breaking digital health within the UK NHS, the private sector and on an international scale. X-Lab’s innovations focus on designing digital solutions which transform healthcare by challenging the way its providers think and work.

The drive to build digital technologies to transform healthcare runs through the heart of X-Lab’s company ethos. Our aim is to develop faster, more cost-efficient ways of delivering healthcare for both providers and receivers. By prioritising patient-safety, speed of care and provision at scale, our team consistently deliver outstanding solutions that place supporting people, be they patients or clinicians, at the core.

Our multi-disciplinary team embody this outlook; together, using their varying academic and professional backgrounds, they develop and deliver X-Lab’s solutions through a common passion for improving healthcare. The team work creatively and collaboratively to develop new systems, improve X-Lab’s solutions and deliver these to the healthcare providers who need them – they are the company’s greatest asset.

From vision, to development, to delivery, to support: our approach is one of robust determination, reliability and commitment. In every partnership, collaboration or customer-relationship we focus on delivering quality solutions and service to deliver quality care.

Our team