X-Lab has a longstanding reputation for collaboration with external organisations to challenge the way healthcare providers think and work. NPEx, our leading solution, was built upon a unique partnership with NHS’s The Health Informatics Service (THIS) and is forming its own relationships to maximise users’ benefits. Most recently, NPEx has teamed up with UK NEQAS’ Birmingham Quality branch to enable the transfer of External Quality Assurance (EQA) requests and referrals through the solution. After piloting the scheme with Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) at Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI MFT), EQA testing through NPEx is now live and reducing errors across 11 sites.

Speaking with Adam Tonge, IT Coordinator in the Department of Biochemistry at MRI MFT, NPEx produced a case study to highlight how NPEx can be used to improve EQA testing; give an overview of the implementation process of NPEx for EQA testing; present the changes offered by NPEx; and envision the next steps for NPEx and EQA.

Read first-hand how working together with UK NEQAS and MRI MFT, NPEx developed a scheme that benefits labs’ work, quality assurance, and staff experience.

Please find the case study as a PDF file here: NPEx Case Study - UK NEQAS