The challenge of linking diagnostic devices to laboratory systems across the world is a global challenge. A possible solution based on the National Pathology Exchange (NPEx) has been showcased by Leeds Researchers at the World Health Organisation (WHO) 3rd Global Forum on Medical Devices. The proposed solution, Global Diagnostic Exchange (GDEx) would enable the integration between point of care diagnostic devices and pathology laboratories through a worldwide network.

This digital system will help to eliminate errors produced by paper-based processes and will enable doctors to review results and make decisions for their patients at a much quicker rate.

Dr Lena Jaspersen, from the Business School at The University of Leeds, presented a short video on GDEx explaining what is and how it addresses some of the challenges that the healthcare sector is currently facing. The video is available here: Global Diagnostic Exchange video

We’re really excited that NPEx and its huge potential was showcased at the WHO forum, where experts from 71 countries were present to discuss innovation in technology and the delivery of healthcare.

For more information please visit the article: Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative Leeds

World Health Organisation Medical Devices Forum: Third WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices

Dr Lena Jaspersen at the WHO 3rd Global Forum

Dr Lena Jaspersen at the WHO 3rd Global Forum