On the 10th November 2016 X-Lab celebrated their 10 Year Anniversary with old and new staff, customers & valued friends. Over the last 10 years X-Lab has grown from a small business consisting of only 3, to now having over 15 members of staff that run and manage the national solution NPEx and other great products.

On the day, X-Lab hosted a celebration at their office, welcoming customers and clients for refreshments, food, product demonstrations, networking and a time to reflect upon the past events from the last 10 years.

Many former staff members returned to X-Lab including Simon Davy, X-Lab’s first ever employee and Kieran O’Shea, our second, and the much-loved Drew Morgan, Ash Sykes and Joe Shaw. We also received special video messages from ex-X-labbers in four continents – Sara Manchada (now a business analyst in Australia), Sandy Sahdra (back home in Canada), Artur Smulko (in frozen Latvia) and the amazing Steve Magare (from a rooftop in Kenya).

X-Lab would like to thank everyone that joined the celebrations and hope to celebrate many more anniversaries with you all.